28 September 2017

Bitcoin is great and getting better!

It's often said that fortune favors the bold. Well, we made a really bold shift in March where we begun solely accepting Bitcoin. It was and remains the hottest new digital currency. However, it is also new and a pretty big unknown for the vast majority of people. Some of our customers thought we were crazy! Some had never heard of Bitcoin and were confused! Some of our customers thought we had lost the plot and didn't come back. That's all fair - it's a big shift. But it's been very successful for us. We've begun using new tools to process your orders even faster, allow more customization and options, and reap many other benefits as well. However, despite the overwhelming success, we need to do more to help out our valued customers who haven't tried out Bitcoin yet or don't know much about it. We love Bitcoin and various digital currencies, think that it as well as social media will have a great future together, and are exploring many neat possibilities. To give you a brief summary of our plans, we're working on some great new materials and other resources that will help newcomers find out more about what Bitcoin exchange and options work best for them, how to make a purchase most easily and use their wallet, and that will be posted on our blog and frequently asked questions and on other parts of our site. We're committed to providing as much support as possible as we enter a successful future together so please don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions about how to pay. Our order form gives you the wallet address and payment amount: once we receive your finalized order we work hard to get you your likes and followers and look forward to assisting you with any questions. Thank you!

13 March 2017

Another business that accepts Bitcoin!

We've made a big change that lets us accept Payment through Bitcoin, which is a new digital currency that fundamentally rethinks how payments should be done. While this is a big change for many of our existing customers, we hope that the reduced payment fees, transparency and ease, and other benefits will be exciting for many of you itching to try our services. While we do not specifically endorse any one Bitcoin exchange or wallet service at this time, firms such as Coinbase, Kraken, Bitstamp, and OKCoin are great starting points for your research. Our FAQ also has some good info and we'll be coming up with an even better guide there soon. If you can't get started with Bitcoin right away, no worries, our free services that offer free Facebook likes, Free Instagram Likes, and Free Instagram followers are also still available as well. Hope that this helps. We are here 24/7 to help out if anything is confusing so please don't hesitate to ask.

25 February 2017

Something big is coming soon.

This is just a little bit of a teaser: we're making a cool change to the site soon that will help lead to lower prices as well as better and quicker service. This is more than a little bit exciting! Sure, rumors about the upcoming Game of Thrones or Walking dead episodes are good too, but this news is probably better for your business!

30 June 2016

Likes On Status Updates And Photos Are Even More Valuable

Facebook recently announced some changes to their Newsfeed which prioritizes posts from family and friends over brands, so it's even harder to get an average post in front of your customers. Our service can help with this, not only helping you get more likes and expanding your audience, but also improving your Edgerank and getting your posts in front of more people in the Newsfeed. As always, you can also use our service to get more Facebook likes on items such as your status updates and pictures. All you have to do is submit your individual URL in our order form and we'll get right to work on that. Please contact our support if you have any questions, but we're always happy to help out. Getting a larger audience and engaging them is how helps you out, and we always deliver.

9 May 2016

Get Free Instagram Likes and Followers!

We work hard to deliver a great service, and to thank all of our valued customers we're now offering the same great free Instagram likes service that we also offer for Facebook. Our same great Instagram likes service is also always available in larger quantities, but this is just another great option for our valued customers. We want to help give you more choices and more options, and hope you also benefit from this as well. This service is also available to help you get more free Instagram followers as well. We're honored by your decision to use all of our services, and we aim to provide the best service, long-term support, and results for all of the social media packages that we offer.

19 February 2016

Facebook wants to put ads in Messenger

More advertising options is always a bit of good news for brands. Techcrunch is reporting that Facebook wants to put ads on their Messenger App and allow brands another great way to reach out to their fans. This is great news for high quality brands who want another option to engage with their fans as well as high quality marketing firms such as us who provide high-quality, real likes. This information comes from an allegedly leaked internal document, but the great news is that there are plans in place to prevent abuse by brands posting spam or annoying users. This extra step is essential to make sure that users don't get too annoyed at seeing extra advertising. Our high quality Facebook likes ads combined with Facebook's great platform as well as experimenting with extra ads like this could be the recipe necessary to propel your brand into the stratosphere.

25 December 2015

Your Christmas Gift is Here: We're Now Promoting Instagram Photos and Pages

All of us here hope you're having a great Holiday season filled with many gifts. We've even got a great gift you here. You asked for it and we've delivered. Check out our Instagram Likes and Instagram Followers promotional services. As always, we provide a wide variety of packages that are suitable for virtually every marketing budget. If you're trying to gain more followers on Instagram and achieve a higher level of popularity, give us a shot: we're certain you won't be disappointed. Have a Happy New Year too!

14 July 2015

Earn Free Facebook likes

Who said there's no such thing as a free lunch? Looking for high-quality likes, but would rather pay for cheap Facebook likes? Well, we've got the perfect solution for you. Pay nothing with free Facebook likes. There are 3 very simple steps needed to get more likes for your page or photos, so check it out soon. If you'd rather not do that though, our normal service is always available in standard packages of 100 to 50,000 Facebook likes. You can finally have your cake and eat it too.

17 January 2015

Never not be on Facebook With Facebook At Work

Facebook is already a pretty big deal in the lives of most businesses. Only most businesses utilize Facebook to get more customers and communicate, engage, and interact with their existing customers. Traditionally, businesses didn't want most of their employees spending too much time on Facebook, but Facebook obviously wants everybody to spend as much time on their services and various properties as possible. Now with Facebook at Work, the script is flipped a little bit and that can be a reality. Companies can conceivably replace their Yammer or Slack services with Facebook's own enterprise social network tool. This will allow businesses to create their own private little social networks for teams and departments to communicate and coordinate in real-time even easier. There are many questions regarding Facebook's ultimate monetization strategy for [email protected] and it remains to be seen how 3rd Party Apps might work with this in a private and secure manner, but there's no doubt that this is a large market (even Microsoft competes here) that Facebook might be able to be a dominant player in.

28 October 2014

Our Facebook Rooms Review

Facebook has recently released their brand new Rooms app. First of all, like many recent Facebook products, the design is flat out world class and stunning. Facebook has acquired a large number of smaller design and boutique firms over the years and it shows in the quality of their work. Unlike many recent Facebook products however, it focuses more on protecting your real name and identity than previous Facebook products and features. Many people are criticizing Rooms for being essentially a copycat of other products or just a small reimagining of how old fashioned chat rooms used to work, but it clearly has potential. Given the number of privacy concerns that exist from many of Facebook's products recently, this is a welcome change in their direction and likely the direction that Facebook has to go in to keep ahead of the curve. Time will tell if the App itself takes off and becomes an important part of the internet sphere or just another Facebook product that's unceremoniously killed off 18 months from now in a brief press release, but it seems to have a good chance to stick around.

12 August 2014

The Facebook Messenger App Controversy

Facebook recently changed some of its policies and is now requiring iPhone and Android users to send messages through the Facebook Messenger App instead of the main Facebook App. Many users do not take kindly to this switch, though the Messenger App is rated #1 in the App Store, it does not have the best reviews to put it mildly. Though the App has been out since 2011, there are numerous criticisms cited in user comments, everything from privacy issues to concerns about the App recording you using the phone's microphone. While most of these specific privacy concerns are likely significantly overstated, the one criticism that is hard to ignore is the fact that it's kind of annoying to have to install multiple Facebook Apps to get the functionality that one App could conceivably deliver. Facebook's counterpoint to this is that each individual App can be better designed to deliver the perfect user experience. Time will tell if users adjust to these changes just as they have with many previous unpopular decisions, or if Facebook will consider taking a step back and reconsidering their mobile App strategy.

26 June 2014

Facebook's Slingshot Is Fun. It's Not Just a Snapchat Clone

With Facebook's Slingshot just being released worldwide, it remains to be seen how much traction and uptake it gains globally. It could end up being a major success or it could be another in a long line of Facebook's recent projects that was launched and died soon afterwards. Some people have insinuated that it's just a little Snapchat clone. Here's a brief little review that says different. First of all, the UI and UX is fantastic, as one can expect from Facebook lately. It's overall just a pleasant and polished user-experience. There's a bit of fun that's inherent with not knowing what the image you're getting is. It can be a bit awkward at times, but that's the element that creates fun and surprise. This app encourages you to send images to more than one person at a time, so there's a good chance that you'll be able to see a steady stream of pics from this. Even if you're already a dedicated user of Snapchat, it's worth downloading this and checking it out because it's different enough from Snapchat to justify it.

2 May 2014

Better Selfies And Videos Coming To Facebook Messenger

Snapchat has captured the imagination of the high school crowd more than any other social network and communication tool since Facebook and Ellen's famous selfie at the Academy Awards also garnered a lot of media attention. So there's no doubt that providing better tools for selfies and communicating with friends is a priority for Facebook. Facebook is unleashing new tools within Facebook Messenger to more easily share selfies and video content, so they can stay ahead in the social networking game.

20 February 2014

$19 billion dollars later, Facebook acquires WhatsApp

Facebook purchased the WhatsApp communication platform for $19 billion, in a stock and cash transaction. This gives the Facebook platform more access to users and a high usage communications app that has achieved record levels of growth in the last month. This goes to show how valuable communities can be to big companies and how much Facebook depends on its advertising platform to succeed. The Instagram purchase for $1 billion was criticized by some for being too pricy, but seems to have worked out well for them. Will WhatsApp be the same way?

30 December 2013

Pinterest Usage Surpasses Twitter.

This is an interesting development within the world of social media to close out 2013. Pew Research released a report of user stats and popularity which claims that Pinterest has surpassed Twitter in popularity. Based on a survey, now about 21% of adults in the US are on Pinterest with just 18% on Twitter. Twitter has more impact within the media and many celebrities use Twitter as a tool to reach out to their followers, but Pinterest might be on an unstoppable growth curve. This is worth closely observing. Facebook remains the top dog (and is still growing) and LinkedIn and Instagram round out the top 5.

12 December 2013

Facebook going all-in on auto-playing videos.

Within a week of rolling out auto-playing videos for mobile users, Facebook is pushing that feature to the Newsfeed on Facebook itself. This might encourage more brands to create more videos for their Facebook pages in an effort to get more fans and likes. This also opens up the door for more video ads. However, while this might be beneficial for brands to promote themselves, this isn't a move that's very user-friendly. Large sites that autoplay videos such as have some success with it, but many people are annoyed by this. It could also eat up extra bandwidth to users. This is an interesting development that is worth keeping an eye on.

15 November 2013

Facebook Reveals Mobile And Daily Active Users Statistics

Facebook has increased its level of transparency by sharing the percentage of mobile users on their site. Now about 78% of US users access the site through mobile devices. They're also providing daily active users statistics segmented by country so you can see which countries are the most active. According to statistics, there are approximately 699 million daily active users on Facebook. This is a big part of the reason why there are so many businesses trying to get more likes on Facebook and why everybody is looking at Facebook search as a solution to get more customers.

12 October 2013

Facebook is Testing a Fan App For Celebrities

Facebook is currently testing out an application for celebrities and big brands to use to interact with their followers. Twitter is a platform that many celebrities rely on to interact directly with their fans, and Facebook does this as well, but it seems as if they want to get more heavily ingrained within popular culture. People use Facebook to follow celebrities, brands, and businesses that they're interested in, so it seems like a natural fit for Facebook to offer well known brands additional tools to interact and engage with their followers successfully.

8 September 2013

Facebook is Making Graph Search Public

Facebook is currently rolling out the graph search feature to everybody on the site. This allows people to find other people, brands, and anything else that they might be interested in based on information that has been made public. Some people suggest that this type of search feature poses strong privacy implications, and this is absolutely a concern. However, privacy features exist on Facebook that you can use to restrict accesss to your phone number, email address, or other personally identifying information.

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